Nursery School

november 2019

Today children were challenged to explore and expand their descriptive language skills while playing with bags filled with a variety of sensory items inside; children happily explored the new sensations while discussing with educators and peers what they were experiencing.

Educators asked children: “What do you hear?” “What do you feel?” “What do you see?”

‘A’, ‘H’ and ‘N’ were excited to run their hands over large Amethyst chunks

‘H’ – “It feels like Sugar” noting the bumpy texture.

Struggling to find words to describe what he was feeling ‘N’ said “It feels… It feels… Purple.”

Educators encouraged ‘N’ to explore the differences between the amethyst and a smooth rock with his eyes closed.

We observed ‘N’ look over the rocks, He slowly extended his hands, grabbing three pieces of amethyst and arranging them in a row. He stared at them in front of him, studying them while he picked up one at a time. He closed his eyes while describing to us what he felt.

‘N’ – “This one is small, this one’s light….and this one is really HEAVY!”

‘A’ – “So that one’s light too? Its really small so it’s light too!”

‘A’ listened in and weighed ‘N’’s rocks in her hand excited to share the experience.

‘N’ - “I put the small one on top and the medium under and the biggest on the bottom – IT’S LIKE FROSTY!”

‘A’ – “It’s a snowman!”

Cristy Kuokkanen SSW

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant