School Age Program

october 2019

Provoked with x-rays and a functional stethoscope ‘S’ and ‘K’ got to quick work assigning roles and building the environment for their hospital. Using available materials, they created a divider, hospital sign and gathered tools from the loose parts centre to create their surgery tray. ‘S’ decided that our recycled bottle caps would be a perfect representation of medicine. Once the environment was set up the three were excited to divide and define roles and responsibilities. ‘S’ was the patient, ‘K’ the Doctor and ‘S’ was the nurse.

“Hold still! This shouldn’t hurt a bit!” – ‘S.B.’

We observed the children taking great care and notice of roles and responsibilities within their replicatory hospital play. Discussing what their roles meant ‘S’ explained that she would take the x-rays on the patient, the doctor would read them and “tell the patient what’s wrong with her” while the patient would lie there in pain. Once they knew that ‘S’ had broken her leg, the medical team quickly fitted her for crutches and sent her on her happy way!