School Age Program

January 2020

Using the program camera, we began to observe the children in the school-age program become very interested in taking photos of the environment, their peers and their personal projects. Running over to find an educator when something cool was happening or had been built and often designating a “photographer” into their imaginative play.

To push this exploration further educators began asking children to take photos, being sure to NOT tell them what or who they should be photographing we were excited to observe their choices.

We encouraged the children to revisit the photos they took, asking them WHY they chose to capture THOSE moments.

‘K.B’ – “When they play games together, they look really happy.”

‘K.L’ – “I like when they make cool moves it goes “swish” on the camera!”

‘S.S’ – “It was a really cute picture! Like ones on a wall.”

We then introduced a professional camera into the environment, we were excited to see a true interest in photography and different types of photos children were able to capture. A.T. and G.S. Sat patiently listening eagerly to what every button, feature and setting the camera had to offer and how to care for the camera, their posture and respect of the camera made it clear they took this job very seriously. ‘G.S.’ observed ‘D.F’ smiling and enjoying playing in the hallway with the other children and was really excited to capture the moment. ‘A.T.’ was excited to explore different types of photography from landscape, portrait, action, macro and abstract. Excited to capture everything he could in any way he could, after each shot he would run back to me excited to share his new masterpiece. Using kaleidoscopes, zoom features, peers, educators, odd or surprising surfaces he explored both indoors and out.

He exuberantly exclaimed “LOOK AT WHAT A GREAT SHOT I GOT!” as he rushed to show his friends photos of them he had taken. We, as educators were so amazed to see our program reflected through their eyes, what they see, what matters to them and how they see our environment, materials and peers.

Selena Martin Early Childhood Assistant

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant