School Age Program

July 2021

The children have been spending a lot of their time catching bugs and grasshoppers outside.

To extend this interest inside, the children wanted to create "homes" for their bugs. They chose to use a variety of ice cream pails and various craft materials to create different types of habitats for the creatures. In small groups, they worked collaboratively to create their own unique "homes" for their creatures.

K, I, and C created their bug habitat together. They used popsicle sticks to create shade for the bugs. They also added some 'pillows' (made out of cotton swab fluff) and they also added some gems for the bugs to play with. They decorated the sides with stickers and used cut up green paper to resemble grass.

S, C, and M created their bug habitat together. Inside of their pail they added materials to represent a pool and a waterslide. They also created a climbing wall and a space for the bugs to rest for when they are tired.

C, L, and T created their bug habitat together. They added sticks for the bugs to climb on and a lot of little pieces of cotton swabs for the bugs to play with. The sides were also decorated in stickers. C used a bowl to create a shed that was attached to the lid. He also made a lasso out of a pipe cleaner to catch the grasshoppers.

Jaime Farrell RECE

Lynette Spicer Early Childhood Assistant

Tai Gauld BA BED