Nursery School

october 2023

We have been working on building relationships with each other and the environment. Something we discovered many of the children have in common with one another is an enjoyment for art. Over the last few weeks, we have been providing different art mediums for the children to express their ideas with.

During this time, we take the opportunity to engage in conversations with the children about their families, pets and interests. We also observe how they use the materials and note their knowledge base and curiosities about the media being used.

One morning, we set up a painting experience with a variety of choices for the children to use as "brushes". We observed that it was an individual process, with some children choosing to use Q-tips or brushes to create different lines and patterns on the paper. Other children were excited to get their hands in the paint and explore it in a more sensory way.

Through these experiences the children have gained confidence in their abilities, and they have become more comfortable engaging with each other. In the mornings, they arrive looking forward to seeing their friends, and seeking out new experiences.

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO, C

Paige Cameron, Educator