School Age Program

march 2023

Our favourite moment that stood out this month was definitely face painting. We all worked together to discuss ideas and research designs to paint. After everyone decided the character/animal they wanted to have painted on them, they paired up and started painting one another. We discussed symmetry, especially when someone asked to become a butterfly. This had a huge impact on their imaginations. Face painting provided the children with the opportunity to establish artistic and creative abilities, experience the unique sensory experience of having their faces painted, as well as providing them the opportunity to build this art activity into imaginative social play with their peers while introducing a character of their imagination to real life form within themselves. The best part was that it was pure enjoyment. The center transformed as the kids played, discovered, and expressed themselves in their learning space and through the characters they selected. Observing how each kid interacts and immerses themselves in the character or animal they are attempting to recreate was a wonderful educational experience. When the painting is finished, the children's reactions' to looking in the mirror are priceless. We are excited to continue to see our children unleash their character and full potential of their individuality and creativity through face painting.

Reena MEd BEd BMath BSc, Tatyana Popovik