School Age Program

february 2024

This month, we took on a new approach to our room - yoga. It turned out to be an amazing experience. We decided to use Youtube videos as our guide, selecting ones that were specifically designed for children. The animations and gentle voices in the videos were perfect for capturing their attention and guiding them through the yoga steps in a way that was fun and engaging for them. To extend even further, some days we let the children take turns leading the yoga. It was amazing to see them take charge as they instructed one another. They all got to work on their leadership skills. We played a lot of calming music in the background of our room. The music was soothing, allowing for a very peaceful setting in our room. The energy in the room during these sessions was visible. We observed throughout the week that the children were more patient and kind with each other. It was great to see the children’s journey into mindfulness. They showed an understanding and appreciation of quiet moments that we did not expect to see from such young ages. We hope to incorporate more relaxing activities into our daily routines to allow the children to discover their self-regulation and inner peace that they can carry with them throughout the day and beyond the classroom wall.

Tatyana Popovik, Preston Sgambelluri