Kindergarten Program

november 2019

Mentoring has been happening in the program as several children have been sharing their knowledge and creativity throughout the month of November. The junior kindergarten children benefit from building respectful interactions, and this will foster leadership, empathy, creativity and more.

It was a meaningful experience when C came into the room as a junior educator, to offer peer mentoring with the program. D watched curiously as C cut a piece of paper intricately. He moved closer and asked her “What are you making and how are you doing that?” She instinctively knew she could show him how to make his own snowflake. “Here, I’ll show you”. The two sat together and worked on crafts, bonding and encouraging ideas which in turn builds confidence in both children. As the day was coming to an end, D asked if he could help the young children when he gets big….with that comment, it’s most certain that integration has been very beneficial for our group!

Carrie Kostick RECE