Kindergarten Program

october 2019

‘M’ entered the room with an idea, she took to the table with such focus and determination that it was evident she had a vision…

She was busy drawing at the art table, working very seriously on a large piece of white paper. After finishing the amazingly detailed photo, she summoned me over with pure excitement and pride in her voice. She showed me the portrait and with a big smile she exclaimed “It’s ‘L’ !!!”

She then asked ‘L’ if he’d like to see her portrait he created for him. ‘L’s eyes lit up “Its so awesome, it even has my baton stick”, also he exclaimed excitedly. He gave her a hug and let her know he thought it was “So cool ‘M’ ”.

‘M’ and ‘L’ were both smiling from ear to ear with pride and appreciation for the thoughtful gesture. From the heart is always so meaningful.

Carrie Kostick RECE