School Age Program

september 2020

Positive and nurtured relationships are the key to blossoming friendships. We have many new faces in the program this year and in particular one student has been showing kindness and compassion to her peers with her welcoming smile and invitations to play.

Several of the children have been collecting nature materials outside in the playground and using pots and pans from the outdoor kitchen with them. T asks H to help her make a pie. Together they collect pinecones in one pot and crab apples in another and then use twigs to stir up the ingredients. Eventually H carefully places the pinecones one by one on a cookie sheet. With a smile on her face she states “We are making a Pinecone pie!” “Okay, its time to put in the oven.” T continues to collect crab apples from the ground. "I am making the toppings” she says. The girls work collaboratively together and with excitement say “Its finished, who wants pinecone pie.”

Dramatic Play fosters children’s imaginations and growth and what a great way to build new friendships in our program.

Cristy Kuokkanen S.S.W

Ella Saukko-Sved Educator Assistant