Health, Nutrition & Medication


The Day Nurseries Act stipulates that prior to admission; each child must be immunized as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health.

Our environment is not set up to accommodate children who are not feeling well. If a child becomes ill during the day, temporary care will be provided until the parent or guardian can be contacted and the child can be taken home.

We will notify you when your child has the following symptoms:

  • diarrhea/vomiting (if Gastrointestinal illness 48 hours symptom free)
  • contagious diseases
  • continual discharge from nose
  • fever
  • complaining of discomfort

Your child needs to be free of symptoms of illness at least 24 hours before returning to childcare. Regulations require daily outdoor play for each child. In light of such regulations, it is Schoolhouse Playcare’s policy that children who are too ill to play outside, must remain at home.

The Schoolhouse Playcare Centre will administer both prescription and non-prescription drugs to children in accordance with Provincial legislation. The legislation requires that parents provide:

  1. Written authorization forms, including the dosage and times medication is to be administered (forms at the centre).
  2. Medication is in the original container, clearly labeled with child’s name, the name of the medication, the date of the purchase and instruction for storage and administration of medication. With controlled or narcotic drugs they must be counted upon receipt and recorded by staff person accepting medication in from of the parent.
  3. Medication is not to be left in the coatroom area. Kindly give it directly to a Program staff member.
  4. Other conditions regarding contagious or infectious diseases that you will be contacted for:
    • pink eye
    • lice (nit free upon return)
    • scabies
    • impetigo

The child must be picked up immediately and proper treatment must be administered before returning.

Covid - 19 policy

Schoolhouse Playcare Centre Covid- 19 Policies

Environment enhanced cleaning and disinfecting practices:

  • Clean and disinfect all high-touch surfaces and objects (doorknobs, lights switches, etc.) frequently, and deep clean as often as possible.
  • High touch surfaces in shared washrooms should be cleaned and disinfected between cohorts
  • Other shared items such as tablets, computers, cameras must be cleaned and disinfected between users.
  • Clean and disinfect children and staff washrooms a minimum of twice daily and at the end of the day (Custodian will do the end of the day).
  • Keep a cleaning and disinfecting log to track and demonstrate cleaning schedules
  • Toys and equipment must be cleaned more frequently.
  • To ensure cleaning and disinfection of every toy is manageable, the number of toys children have access should be limited.
  • Designate toys and equipment for each cohort (room) where possible. Where toys are shared, they must be cleaned and disinfected prior to being shared.
  • Toys and equipment provided must be made of materials that can be disinfected.
  • All indoor/outdoor toys and equipment are to be cleaned and disinfected as often as possible.

Daily practise at entry/drop off and Screening:

  • Screening will be completed daily upon arrival for all children, staff, visitors, and students (limited to purpose) before entering the building using the provincial screening tool (or a screening tool designated by the local public health unit) Any individuals that do not pass the on-site screening procedures will be asked to return home and self-isolate. They must follow the monitoring and isolation advice outlined in the screening tool. Symptoms associated with Covid -19 are reported to the childcare operator and the parent/guardian will need to contact the TBDHU for next steps.
  • Daily records are completed and kept on all individuals entering the premises. All records/screening sheets will be filed in administrative file cabinet.
  • All staff, students, and visitors will be required to wear a medical mask, and protective eye wear before they enter the building and will be required to keep it on through out the time that they are involved in their workday. If a staff is proven to be exempt from wearing PPE, Schoolhouse would look at positions where social distancing can be maintained at all times, and where there is less risk of germ transmission. Options that would be considered, school age programs where children are required to wear masks and social distancing is easier to maintain; or doing the deep cleaning in spaces for programs when there is no one else in the space.
  • Upon entry into the building all people must wash or disinfect their hands before

they start their day.

Confirmed or Suspected case of Covid – 19:

  • If any person develops symptoms of Covid – 19 as outlined by the TBDHU, they will need to isolate immediately. If the person is a child, separate them from others in a supervised area and call for the child to picked up immediately. Adults supervising the child will need to try and maintain the distance of 2 meters.
  • The family will need to contact the TBDHU for next steps, and keep the childcare informed along the way. The information will need to be communicated to site supervisor or executive director.
  • If a Covid – 19 test is required and comes back positive, the childcare centre will need to follow all direction given by the TBDHU. All communication from the health unit will be with the site supervisor or executive director.
  • Parents will be kept informed via email by the site supervisor/designate.
  • Positive Covid – 19 case will need to be reported as a serious occurrence for licensing and posted in entry ways for families. Serious occurrence will be reported by the Director.

Measures to limit contact:

  • All locations at SPC will have specific cohorts for indoors and outdoors. Example: infant program will stick to the registered children and assigned staff within that program. They will stay with in the space licensed to their group for the day and outside use the space designated to them.
  • All staff will try to encourage social distancing within the childcare space by setting up the environments to support space between children and staff. This includes sleep times, mealtimes and outside time, washroom time etc.
  • During Covid – 19, staff are scheduled to be in their space to receive children right from opening to closing.
  • All attendance sheets and emergency contacts are specific to cohorts and kept with them at all times. Attendance sheets when completed are kept in the administrators file cabinet for the full year.
  • Kindergarten children within our before and after school programs will be encouraged to wear non-medical masks, grade 1 and up must wear non-medical masks at all times.
  • Tours and visits are to be done on the phone, virtually or outside.


A nutritious midday meal, morning and afternoon snacks are provided for the children. Individual and special dietary needs are posted in the entrance and classroom areas. Weekly menus are posted for the current and following week to assist the parent/guardian in menu planning at home. 

We welcome ideas that are special to your child's family and background.


We will try our best to reduce the risk of your child coming in contact with nuts or peanut products